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I Hated Islam – I Hated Muslims -I hated The Quran

BIOGRAPHY OF PROPHET MUHAMMAD (SAW) 1/13 don’t judge Islam based on people, read the book, don’t look for answers …

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Daughter of Drug Cartel Accepts Islam

Channel Link: the story of a complete u-turn in life. A revert recounts how her mother was a drug addict who died fr…

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Millionaire Gives It All Up For Islam

Ishaq Mustaqim tell roadside2islam how he gave up a Millionaire lifestyle for a better life as a muslim…

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Night Club Led Me To Islam – Amazing Story [HD]

A story of a revert of Hindu background. He shares his story how his life transformed from running a Night Club to converting to Islam. Not only that he beca…

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Why I became a Muslim??… story

Why I became a Muslim??… story.

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